Digital and connected devices in the health sector

Gauthier TRUBLIN, in charge of the CONNECT activity of Soladis, talks about the impact of the digital economy on the areas of health.

La mutation vers une économie numérique touche aussi les domaines de la santé.

Gauthier Trublin – in charge of Soladis Connect

« Soladis Connect : Business Unit dedicated to acquisition systems with the objective of ensuring the reliability of data according to the various sensors.

The shift towards a digital economy affects all activities, including the health fields, in which we find the particular case of clinical trials which requires a much more complex deployment than in the other areas.

Soladis has developed several services enabling the selection of connected devices dedicated to clinical needs, the validation of these devices at a lower cost with designs of experiment or clinical trials, and finally to be able to deploy these networks of connected devices, to gather the data collected by the sensors into a common database, to insert algorithms on these databases and to dedicate a digital service with an interface adapted to the needs of each player of the clinical trial.

Connected devices have a great importance in pathology monitoring for dogs and cats, and more generally for pets. Our Business Unit would like to strengthen this interface between the different actors dedicated to animal monitoring, which could possibly provide information on the use of a medicine, have a more direct contact with the pharmaceutical industry, and be able to link veterinarians to different actors, such as breeders, pet owners and pharmaceutical industries. This platform would make it possible to optimize exchanges concerning animal health and animal welfare. »

Yann Fardini, Scientific Director of Soladis speaks about the contribution of new technologies in clinical research.

Les objets connectés, de grands enjeux pour la recherche clinique

Yann Fardini, Scientific Director of Soladis.

« Connected devices offer the opportunity to overcome geographical barriers, to access patients who were previously not accessible due to, for example, their distance to research centers.

Connected devices also guarantee the improvement of patient compliance. Indeed, thanks to the connected devices it will be possible to remind patients to take their treatment and follow them on a daily basis. These connected devices will enable us to access new objectified data; it is a very important element because the challenge is to collect precise, specific and sensitive data.

Moreover, thanks to these connected devices we are able to gather the information into a centralized database, so it is an important factor in the field of study management to data from a study in real time to better appreciate its conduct, its management and therefore its control.

At the statistical level, it can be pointed out that data that are less variable and more precise will enable us to require fewer patients; this aspect will therefore play on costs and ethics while maintaining a power of comparison that is identical or even better.

The promises are thus numerous and the stakes to arrive there remain very large.»


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