Tailor-made connectivity

The popularity of smart objects has grown with the development of the Internet of Things. The wireless communication protocols and techniques that have now become standard offer easier access to a wide range of telecoms technologies that can be combined and synchronized.
Soladis Connect provides services to assist you with these issues as they relate to data acquisition, through the selection and adaptation of sensors that meet your needs, to the roll-out of smart object networks and the transformation of your individual instruments into connected devices.

Connected clinical trials

With Soladis Clinical Studies and Soladis Connect, you can now “connect” your clinical trials, enhancing them with instrumented systems for data acquisition. Having an intelligent monitoring system to collect, clean and process your study data makes it easier for you to access the information, and facilitates the study recruitment and follow-up phases to help you stay on schedule. In addition, by acquiring these more extensive data, you can observe new phenomena and identify causes previously inaccessible to you.


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